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Nikos Georgaras


Master Metal Craftsman

45 years experience

Our Strength countertops panels


Extensive experience with our products ensures that, if requested, all items can be  properly and uneventfully installed for your peace of mind.                       

Stavros Georgaras

Estimation, Customer Service & Installation

25 years experience

Our Staff


Our experienced tradesmen cut, bend, weld, reinforce and polish all counter tops, panels, furniture and accessories with the same exacting quality standards for almost 20 in Montreal countertops panels furniture accessories         

Quality Control

All products on our shop floor undergo rigorous and regular oversight to ensure that only first rate products ship when scheduled.                       

Raffi Aharonian
Accounting & Comptroller
27 years experience


A team of consultants is available to size-up your project; advise you of pricing and fabrication delay, and even organize installation of your products if requested.                    

Our core objectives are to inform clients about the advantages of stainless steel, and assist them in purchasing products suited to their needs.  All our products are designed and fabricated for lifelong use.  "Planned Obsolescence" does not apply to products made of the sturdiest and cleanest material available.

Our Vision